Monday, August 17, 2009

A 'sorta' update

I've become quite a lazy blogger lately. The problem being that I have WAY too many things to blog about, and no where near enough time to do it in!!

Here is a link to my friend Courtney's blog. She's a much better writer than I am, so just read her post, and enjoy the pictures!!! Gatta love those flapper dresses!!

This weekend, I had my first Bridal Shower!! Courtney, Diana, Megan and Sheri did an excellent job!! Man, I'm going to miss these girls!

The 'Party Planners' - Sheri, Megan, Me, Courtney, and Diana

The AMAZING food!! Everything was home made, and tasted great!

Me and the gifts!! Which may or may not have been about 90% lingerie :)

I could easily have blogged about many other things - such as:
-Belly Dancing classes
-The 'Man Shower' that Matt's friends threw for him
-Being 'homeless'
-My adventures in house/Dog sitting for a friend of mine this week
-Getting my Endowments taken out in the Portland Temple
-Wedding planning and the details of that
-All the car troubles that Matt and I have been having
-The annual Ward Camp out
-My mom's quick trip to Portland
-Matt's first Pedicure
-Movies in the Park on hot summer nights
-My first experience at the Crepe Cart in downtown
-The amazing Portland Cello Project concert last weekend
-My first Monster Truck rally
-All the things that I'm going to miss about Portland
....... and the list goes on.

But that's all for now!!!

In Cambodia

In Cambodia
January 2007

A DAY AT THE PORTLAND ZOO!!! (June 1, 2007)

A DAY AT THE PORTLAND ZOO!!!            (June 1, 2007)
on a tricycle for elephants