Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Visitors are always the best – especially when it’s a cute boy! Matthew came up to Portland to visit me last weekend, and it was great! He flew in Thursday night, we hung out downtown and when to dinner at a nice seafood restaurant! Matt ordered crab, and I had some amazing salmon!

Friday, we spent the day at OMSI [Oregon Museum of Science and Industry]. We went on a tour of a submarine, learned all about the human ear, saw a show at the planetarium, and had a blast in the area that was actually for younger kids – but we still had fun!

[in a rocket ship - all ready for take off. isn't he cute?!]

[right outside the submarine tour - it's the background]

[the beds that the soldiers slept on. i would never have survived!]

[in one of the control rooms]

After fighting traffic to get home, we and hurried and changed, then to dinner and the Opera with my friends Megan and Diana. The Opera was pretty good, and it was nice to have something fun to get all dress up for!

Saturday, we went to the 'Living Room Theaters' – which was awesome! It's just like a normal theater, but instead of normal chairs, they have these big lazy-boy type chairs, with foot rests, and if you order food, they bring it right to you! We saw a documentary that was about this guy who tightrope walked between the roof’s of the Twin Towers. It was crazy!! After the movie, we ran a few errands, then some of my Portland friends came over to play games and such!

Sunday was my birthday, and it was a great one!! Matt and I went to Sacrament a my ward, then I took him to the airport so he could fly home. We had such a fun visit, and I was sad to see him leave.

After dropping him off at the airport, I went over to Diana's for a birthday dinner - manacotti! - with all my friends. It was really yummy, and lots of fun, and an amazing cake!

[me, Diana, Andrew, Nic, and Megan]

Overall, it was a great weekend! I love having visitors, so next time you’re looking for a vacation, come see me in Portland!!


Diana said...

I'll come see you in Portland anytime! Just tell me when :)

Emma said...

cute boys, good food and fun, what more could a girl want?

Ariel said...

yay for boys and birthdays!!! :)

Christine said...

Happy Birthday. You and Matt look great together!

justin and jess said...

Good ol' Matt! What a fun birthday. However, the thought of you eating birthday salmon brings back many george foreman stinky apartment memories. Haha. Love ya and I am glad you had such a fun weekend!

Brittney and Jake said...

Hey, Emily! Thanks for your comment on my blog. You look great! And I hope you had a great birthday! I would love to see you when you come home. Give me a call anytime.

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