Friday, August 22, 2008


Man I love these girls! We went out to dinner on Wednesday night, and since the rain had stopped for a few hours, we walked along the water front too!

Check out the size of that chocolate cake!! Between the 3 of us, we couldn't even finish it!
And for reasons that I have yet to figure out, this has become my new 'favorite' pose! Sheri is always good for a thumbs-up!

Another wonderful night of fun in Portland!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The following are 100 random things you probably never cared to know about me.

1. One of my life goals is to go out with a boy for each letter of the alphabet. I have 'I' and 'X' left.
2. My favorite music group right now is The Weepies
3. I love skydiving. I have been twice
4. I want to go bungee jumping
5. I love Portland
6. I love big cities
7. I want to go to all 7 continents before I die
8. I've only been to 4
9. I eat a peanut butter sandwich for lunch every day
10. I hate my hair. Long or short. Just don't like it
11. But I love coloring my hair (current hair color - blonde)
12. My closet is color coded
13. And then within each color, it's alphabetized by what the tag says
14. I have enough underwear to go 3+ months never wearing the same pair twice
15. Same thing with socks.
16. I would wear flip flops every day if I could
17. I wish I was a more interesting person
18. This is harder than I thought it would be
19. If I could change one thing about my physical appearance, it would be the size of my head
20. Next, I would get good skin
21. Everything else would change if I would just work-out
22. I hate running
23. I like running in the rain
24. I don't want to be 24
25. I love numbers and counting things
26. Don't believe me? See my last post
27. My mom is amazing. I hope I grow up to be just like her!
28. I'm still not quite sure why I'm doing this!!
29. I think sleeping is a waste of time - I wish we didn't have to sleep so much to function
30. But I love naps
31. And I only like sleeping in on Sundays
32. I save all my letters and notes
33. I like to save text messages too
34. Back in the day, I loved Boy Bands. I still occasionally jam out to them in my car. And I still know all the words
35. I love macaroni and cheese
36. I love high heels, even though I am tall to begin with
37. Peanut m&m's are my favorite candy
38. I've never been in a limo
39. I wish I cared about politics
40. I could sit in crowded places and watch people for hours
41. I'm scared of being outside at night by myself
42. I'm going to Hawaii in 5 days.
43. I wish that I was going somewhere else that I haven't been before
44. But it will still be a lot of fun, and a much needed vacation
45. Putting this much stuff about myself on the internet makes me a bit nervous
46. I love pictures
47. I wish I had more time to scrapbook
48. It's my secret guilty pleasure in life
49. I don't like chocolate
50. I'm half way done
51. I like my initials
52. I can't survive without mascara and chapstick
53. I wish I was smarter
54. I also wish I was musically talented
55. I have insanely oily skin
56. Which I hate
57. I can't wait to get married so that I can always have the Priesthood in my house. Something I've never had before.
58. Fruit snacks are my new staple food.
59. I love motorcycles
60. I'm going to by my husband one for his first birthday after we're married (assuming that he doesn't already have one)
61. I usually trip going up stairs
62. I only almost broke my ankle while skipping home from a football game
63. The doctor told me that I had the most flexible ankles he had ever seen!
64. i LOVE snow!
65. Its the only thing I miss about living in Utah
66. I've been skiing practically since I could walk
67. This past winter was the first season I've gone without skiing. It was tragic
68. I haven't paid for my own cell phone bill for over 5 years (thank you T-Mobile family plan!!)
69. I graduated from all 4 years of seminary, even though I was only a member for about 2 months of that
70. I wish that life would slow down sometimes
71. I like tall boys :)
72. The only thing I've ever won was concert tickets to Kenny Chesney
73. I've always been blessed with wonderful friends
74. I don't like pulp in my orange juice
75. The only seafood I like is salmon
76. I'm really good at remembering dates - especially birthdays
77. I could only shop at one place for the rest of my life it would be Nordstrom
78. I love exclamation marks!!!! I totally over-use them in e-mail & texting
79. I am not pregnant, nor am I planning to be anytime soon. (haha - that one's directly from Emma's blog!)
80. I graduated from Utah State University in 3.5 years
81. The past 6 months marks the longest amount of time that I've been single since my junior year of High School
82. I love Facebook
83. I love roller coaster
84. I can count the number of baby diapers that I've had to change on one hand
85. I don't like my job
86. I like dressing up to go out
87. My dream car would be a Audi or a Porche
88. Occasionally, I actually like pictures of me
89. I hate traffic
90. I love dancing in my car
91. I have received more flowers from people since I moved to Portland than I have in my whole life. Times five
92. I eat Eggo waffles frozen
93. Ben and Jerry's Half-Baked is my ultimate favorite ice cream!
94. I collect thimbols
95. I love the tv show So You Think You Can Dance - so sad it's over for the season
96. Black, white and red will always be my favorite colors
97. I hate big key chains
98. I love shopping...
99. Unless it's shopping for jeans
100. It's taken me all day to think of 100 things

[Thanks Emma for posting this so that I could copy you!]

Monday, August 18, 2008

Twenty-Six point Five

26.5 is the number of stop lights on my way to work. According to Google [the source of all knowledge] - the drive is only 10.1 miles! A bit ridiculous if you ask me!! But that's just how they do things here in Oregon! [The .5 is for a 'Fire Signal' - it's always green, but I guess that one of these days, there could be a fire when I'm driving by, and it would be red. I decided that it only counts as half a light]

Totally random thought for the morning! Happy Monday!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Phase One!

Well, I've made a bit of progress on my new apartment! My bedroom and living room are still pretty boring, so I'll post pictures of them later!

This is my kitchen table before I painted it! It's the perfect little table because it's small enough to keep against the wall, but when I have someone(s) over for dinner, I can un-fold the other side and it seats 4 people!

Here's the kitchen! Behind that frame is my breaker-switch box thing. It was really ugly, and oddly placed on the wall - so the frame was the best idea I could come up with for covering it! The pictures in the frame are from my trip to Thailand last January with my mom. I figured some food shots would be appropriate for the kitchen!

So there you go - a sneak peek at the new place! More pictures to come....

Only 9 days until I'll be boarding a plane for Hawaii! I can't wait to sit around and do nothing for 8 days! Tomorrow I'm going to see Phantom of the Opera - which will be awesome! I saw it in NYC with my mom quite a few years ago, so it will be great to see it again!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Allyson!!

Fondue.... yummy!!!!

Last night, we celebrated my friends birthday by having a Girl's Night Out at The Melting Pot! We just ordered 'cheese and chocolate' - and it was SO yummy!

Allyson - the birthday girl! The big 2-1!!!

Jenne, Janna, and Danielle
[PS - no pictures of my half of the table cause I was struggling yesterday! haha]

The dessert! We got 'The Original' chocolate dipping - which had crunchy peanut butter in it - AMAZING!! The cheeses were also good, but we forgot to take any pictures of the cheese because we were too hungry!

Very fun and yummy night!

In Cambodia

In Cambodia
January 2007

A DAY AT THE PORTLAND ZOO!!! (June 1, 2007)

A DAY AT THE PORTLAND ZOO!!!            (June 1, 2007)
on a tricycle for elephants