Monday, December 15, 2008

let it SNOW!!!

it has snowed in Portland. Real snow. it's amazing, and beautiful, and cold, and i LOVE it!!
church was canceled yesterday - for a 1/2 inch of snow!

i went on a great walk in - i don't have snow boots, so i wore 2 pairs of socks and my rain boots, and it worked great!all the snow! [view from my back deck]

it snowed all day yesterday - we probably got 3 or 4 inches by the end of the day - pretty impressive for Portland! a few friends came over, and we played games and watched movies. the boys brought dinner, and i made cookies. what a great snow day!

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
[as long as it stops long enough next week for me to fly home!!]

Monday, December 8, 2008

another great weekend.

This past weekend, Matthew came up to visit again. I forgot to get most of the pictures off his camera, so I only have a few. Saturday night, he cooked dinner for me! Not only is he an excellent cook, he also did all the dishes! And I think he might look better in my apron than I do :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the Holidays!

OK - I'm combining 2 holidays into one post!

First things first - Thanksgiving! This year, I was in Portland, and wanted to keep things as simple as possible. So Megan and I opted to hang out at my house, and make Turkey Sandwiches. They were amazing!The feast!! Yes, all this food was finished by two girls!

This is the fullest my fridge has ever been! Look at all that food!Megan and our awesome Chocolate Pudding Pie!
[There are no pictures of me. I had a traumatic experience with some hair color earlier that morning. No worries - it's all been fixed now!!]

And now, for a few pictures of Christmas decoration.My Corner 'o Christmas! Since I'm not going to be in Portland this year, I didn't go all out. Besides, the tree is so little that it's hard to decorate it too much!

Hands down - best Christmas book. Ever.
How cute! This little reindeer is probably older than I am! I got it from my Grandma's house, and I love it!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Random thoughts for a Monday morning

Friday night, I was hanging out with a few friends, and we started asking some 'Would You Rather' questions. Last night, as I laid in bed, not able to sleep, I couldn't help but ponder one of the questions:

Would you rather link little fingers with someone for a whole year, 24 hours a day for a million dollars or continue life as it is?

I choose that I would link little fingers with someone [assuming that you get to pick who it is] for a million bucks. I know a million bucks doesn't get you as much as it use to, but a million bucks would sure be nice to have!

And then the potential problems that I though about as I was trying to fall asleep last night:
-it might be easier if I were linked to someone who was a lefty. Like Jessica. Or my Dad. OR.... it would force me practice writing with my left hand, and I could become ambidextrous, which is one of my life goals.
-sleeping might be a problem. We would both have to sleep on our backs. Or on our stomachs. But curling up, or other sleeping positions may create an obstacle.
-linking fingers would create one of the worse pinky-finger cramps imaginable! And what about when you are sleeping - as your fingers relaxed, they would un-link. Solution to this problem: tape your fingers together instead.
-typing would take some getting use to if you didn't have use of one of your little fingers.
-you would really, really get to know someone if you were with them 24-7. For an entire year. And there would be no 'Emily' time. I'm not sure that I could handle that!
-driving. The same person would always have to drive, which is fine. But how would you get into the car? Both climb in the same door?
There were other things that I pondered late last night, but this is all I can remember for now. But the more I think about it, the more I think that the million dollars might not be worth it!

To everyone who is reading this, I ask the question: which would you pick? And why?

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In Cambodia
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