Monday, December 15, 2008

let it SNOW!!!

it has snowed in Portland. Real snow. it's amazing, and beautiful, and cold, and i LOVE it!!
church was canceled yesterday - for a 1/2 inch of snow!

i went on a great walk in - i don't have snow boots, so i wore 2 pairs of socks and my rain boots, and it worked great!all the snow! [view from my back deck]

it snowed all day yesterday - we probably got 3 or 4 inches by the end of the day - pretty impressive for Portland! a few friends came over, and we played games and watched movies. the boys brought dinner, and i made cookies. what a great snow day!

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
[as long as it stops long enough next week for me to fly home!!]


Ariel said...

i had some truble with my flight becasue of a storm in salt lake, so i got stuck there overnight before i made it here, but hopefully it will all clear up for you by next week :)

Christine said...

Snow in Portland, wow! Much better than the ice storms you usually get. It's almost like home :)

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