Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tuesday Nights are my favorite!

Matt and I have started having Tuesday Night Date Nights! Weekends are usually busy doing things with friends, so we decided to have Tuesday Nights be our night!

Last weekend, we went on a wonderful walk along the waterfront in downtown. Even on a Tuesday night, there were plenty of things to see, and Portland is always great for some awesome people watching!!

So on Tuesday night, Matthew cooked me dinner, then we went to this place by his house called Ceramic Cafe. They have tons of different plates, cups, bowls, whatever you want. And then you pick you paint color and paint however you want! After you finish painting, you leave it with them, they 'fire' it for you, and then in 5 days we will have our finished pieces - all shiny and dishwasher/microwave safe!!

You can draw whatever design you like with pencil, and then the pencil burns off in the kiln [spell??]. I had done this about a year ago, and made a big black/white/red argyle plate, so I decided to make a coordinating bowl! I know it looks like it's going to be grey and pink, but after they do whatever they do to it, it will be black
and red and shiny!! Matthew made a little plate - and found a much more efficient way to paint the bottom of the plate by just pouring the paint directly onto the plate!

I'll try and remember to post pictures of our finished bowl and plate once we get them back!

On to other news - my ring will be
done today! Next week, Matt and I are going to Utah to do wedding stuff, and get engagement pictures! Cross your fingers that I can find a wedding dress!

At the beginning of July, I'm off to Washington DC with a friend to celebrate the Fourth of July!!

Matt and I have also taken up racket ball. Ok - so we've only played twice, but it's alot of fun, and Matt is a great teacher who is very patient with me and my lack of coordination!

AND... my favorite show ever is back on again - So You Think You Can Dance! YAY!!! We get together with a bunch of friends on Thursday nights and watch all the dances an everything [minus commercials - thanks Tivo!!] and pick our favorites. Always a good time!

That's about all for now! I've actually done quite a good job of blog posting lately! This is like my second or third post this month!!


Ariel said...

i love those cermaics places! yay wedding stuff :)

Emma said...

Congrats on the posts! I LOVE those pottery places, scott and I did that a while back and It was so much fun!

Diana said...

Can't wait to see your coordinating bowl...but I'll admit I'm more excited to see your ring!!

Chelli said...

Jason and I have a bunch of plates and bowls we made together too. Good luck with all the plans!

Amanda Jane said...

I've always wanted to do those! I'm so jealous. And CONGRATS on everything else. I'm so excited for you, since you already know what I'm getting you and all!

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