Tuesday, October 2, 2007

All Growed Up....

Well, I guess it was bound to happen sometime, I think I'm starting to grow up! I have been living in Portland for 4 1/2 months now, and I'm still loving it here! The rainy season has started, and so far, it's not too bad. We'll see how I'm doing in January when I'll be missing the Utah snow.

It's weird to think that I'll probably never go to school again, instead, I go to work everyday. I am now an official employee at Promopeddler.com - with a salary, full benefits, and best of all, I get 2 weeks of paid vacation!! It's a pretty good job, and for the most part I like working here. I'm planning on staying for at least a year, then possibly moving on to bigger and better things - like a job and a studio apartment in downtown!

I finally bought myself bedroom furniture! After 3 months on a blow-up mattress, it was about time! I got a queen size bed, a new mattress (that's not full of air!), all new queen sized bedding, a dresser, a desk (with red legs!), and 2 chairs for our patio! I feel very grown up spending my hard earned money on things like furniture and rent, and not new clothing or shoes! (not to say that doesn't still happen ;)

Life is good! :)


e&s said...

wow, your room looks great. Who ever helped you hang those pictures above your bed? And those cute letters are just adorable? Whoever did that for you must be pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Lovin' the blog. Check out Deb's blog http://garlocksataglace.blogspot.com/
there are some cute pictures on there from yesterday.

Can't wait for the pumpkin shots!

Anonymous said...

Glad you finally got the pictures of your bedroom furniture on your blog. It looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person in December. Your pumpkin carving party sounded fun, too. You really should gut your own pumpkin someday, though. =)

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In Cambodia
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