Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday fun!

In honor of the holiday season that is upon us, we decided to throw a "Ugly Holiday Sweater Pizza Party"! It was a blast! Most everyone had success in finding an ugly sweater - Diana even found matching ones for the two of us! There was plenty of pizza and lots of people! After all the eating and visiting, we piled into the living room and watched Bourne Ultimatum!

Mike and Matt (I think Mike won for 'Ugliest Sweater'!)
Me, Diana, Christina and Ariel
Me and Jon (yes, I'm totally cheezing it!!)
Most of the girls


Diana said...

So much fun! I agree that Mike's sweater is definitely a contender for the ugliest!

Christine said...

That is a hilarious idea! But some people I know actually wear these sweaters and love them! Now when I look at them I'll think, hm, Emily could use that!

Jenny G. said...

Hey Emily!

Thanks so much for writing, your mom showed me your blog yesterday, it is so cute! How is Oregon going for you? I miss that area so bad! Take Care! Love Jenny

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In Cambodia
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