Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Allyson!!

Fondue.... yummy!!!!

Last night, we celebrated my friends birthday by having a Girl's Night Out at The Melting Pot! We just ordered 'cheese and chocolate' - and it was SO yummy!

Allyson - the birthday girl! The big 2-1!!!

Jenne, Janna, and Danielle
[PS - no pictures of my half of the table cause I was struggling yesterday! haha]

The dessert! We got 'The Original' chocolate dipping - which had crunchy peanut butter in it - AMAZING!! The cheeses were also good, but we forgot to take any pictures of the cheese because we were too hungry!

Very fun and yummy night!


Ariel said...

oh yay! happy birthday!

Diana said...

Mmm...fondue! yummy!

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In Cambodia
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