Thursday, September 18, 2008

impulse buying at its finest

Check this out!! I am now the proud owned of this old school beauty! In the back of my mind, I've wanted one of these forever - and for whatever reason, today just seemed like the day to buy one! I'm so excited for it to come!

Thank you OutKast for these ever-inspiring words: "Shake it like a Polaroid picture"

Long live the Polaroid!!

[I'm fully aware that they are discontinuing the film, so I'll just have to stock up now! And the camera itself is just awesome! Totally worth it!]


Nathan said...

dude thats so totally awesome, but i thought they were going to keep polaroid film going for a while since its a vintage thing that a lot of people like? i dunno, i never heard about it being disconned, yo rain would know more than i she has both kinds of polaroid camera, and apparently they both take different kinds of film too. but thats so cool.

Ariel said...

i used to have one of those izone mini poloroids, and i had some good times with that thing. yay!

justin and jess said...

That is truly awesome. Remember that dance to the outkast song that Jonathan and his friend used to do in the car? That was amazing, just like the camera!

Diana said...

Love it! can't wait to see all the cool pictures you take (and shake) with it!

Amanda Jane said...

Emily!!! I'm so glad you found my blog (from where I still don't know!) Now I can read yours...and trust me I I'm a comment hog so beware. Yay for technology.

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