Monday, September 15, 2008

Phase Two....

Phase two of my living by myself is complete. I have a living room, with furniture and everything! I'm still working on getting a new TV, so if anyone is wondering what to get me for my birthday, a normal sized TV would be nice!

Here's the view when you walk into the living room from the entry way - the big window is my patio - with my patio furniture [and big plans for plants next summer]!!
See - I wasn't lying about needing a bigger TV!! Once I get something decent sized, then I'll probably do some re-arraigning and hanging more pictures.
The 'art work' above the couch was suppose to turn out much much cooler than it did, but until I find something better to hang in it's place.
Nothing too exciting in my bedroom or bathroom yet. That's going to be an October project!!


Ariel said...

if you need any exciting art projects i'll totally help you out :)

justin and jess said...

Your couch is from ikea right. I am feeling you on the house. We left SO much behind when we moved. We bought a new couch, love seat, bed, tv stand, tv, etc etc the list goes on. It is fun though. Your place is cute. I see things like the red chair from our days together and it makes me reminisce. We had some great times!

Jessica G. said...

Fun! Your place looks similar to mine, size-wise. I had a lot of fun furnishing and decorating my place. It looks like yours is coming along quite cutely!

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In Cambodia
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