Thursday, January 29, 2009

my week of Skiing!!

I love skiing!! I think my parents put me on skis pretty much as soon as I could walk! Last year was quite a tragic year - it was the first year in my life that I didn't go skiing one all season!! Determined to not let that happen ever again, I scheduled a ski trip to make sure that I got some good ski-time in this year!

I was in Utah for 7 days, and went skiing for 5 of them! Not too shabby! And the sore legs are totally worth it!

Day One: Snowbird with Madre.
It was sunny and warm for most of the day - the only day we had like that!

Day Two: Alta with Madre
Cold, windy, and pretty bad lighting. But the snow was great, and we found a few awesome bump runs that we did over and over and over until we couldn't walk anymore!

Day Three [Friday]: no Skiing
I got up early and went out to breakfast with Sheri, then hurried back home to change and head to the Draper Temple Open House with my mom and Grandma. Matthew and his sister met us there for a tour of the beautiful new temple. Back up to Matt's house to get some stuff for him for the weekend, then visited my friend Kevin, and back to my parents house for a quick nap before dinner with Scott and Emma!!! [sorry for the lack of pictures of anything else this day. My camera battery died at the Temple!]

Day Four: Skiing at Snowbird with Davie and Matthew.
It was a pretty cold day, and was snowing most of the day, but we still had fun. Poor Matt doesn't like being cold, but he was such a good sport about skiing with me all day! After skiing, we showered and got ready, then went on a double date with our friends Lacey and Nate. We went to dinner at Teppanyaki [no idea how to spell it!] and then bowling. We all had a blast, and it was probably one of the funnest dates we've been on in a long time!

Day Five: Happy Birthday Matthew!! It was great to be able to spend the whole day with Matthew - especially since he was in Portland for my birthday! Went to my home ward in Alpine, then headed up north to be with his family. When to church with them, and then had all the birthday celebrations - Dinner, presents and cake! His mom made Matthew and I these shirts cause we love the movie Wall-E!! After the festivities, Matt and I went to his aunts house and relaxed in the hot tub. And wow did it feel amazing on all my sore muscles!

Day Six: Skiing at Alta with Madre and Matthew
It had snowed pretty much all day on Sunday, so the snow was great!!

Day Seven: Skiing at Snowbird with Madre
My last day of skiing, and it was SO windy! In the above picture, those are not clouds, it is the snow blowing off the top of the mountains!! When we woke up Tuesday morning, it was 4 degrees at Snowbird - but the sun was shining and we had on extra layers, so we stayed plenty warm!
Me and Madre on my last ride up the chairlift for the trip!!

Even though it was cold most days, the skiing was great! Maybe I'll have to try and squeeze in a Spring skiing trip to enjoy some warmer days on the mountain!


Emma said...

So fun! I can't wait to see you again and get some girl time in, and I love Lacey's dark hair!

Courtney Kay said...

Yay for ski trips! Although I am so glad you are back home. How do you manage to look so hott in your ski clothes?

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