Monday, August 6, 2007

Pizza and the Beach!!

This past weekend (August 3-5) was tons of fun! I started off the weekend with a pizza every few weeks, and it was my turn to be the host! We made 5 party at my house! There is a group of us that have pizza parties different kinds of pizza, and a dessert pizza! After pizza, we played games and watched Dumb and Dumber!! It was toms of fun - each time we have a pizza party, the group gets bigger and bigger, so that's exciting! Also, as you can tell by the pictures, I'm a brunette again! Everyone was quite shocked to see me with dark hair! I forgot that I moved here as a blonde, so no one has seen my with dark hair! The first picture is part of the Pizza Gang - Shari, Me, Evelyn, John, Diana and Mario; Me, Mario and some dough; Me and Bri

Saturday, we took a trip to the coast! It's about an hour and a half drive to Portland, and you can't say 'the beach' here.... it's 'the coast'!! The water is freezing cold, so we only got our feet wet, although right before we left, Bri and Clayton jumped in with all their clothes on! Crazy! It was way too cold for me!! There was 8 of us who went: Me, Bri, Mario, Nic, Clayton, Billy, Darcy and Mike! Clayton was a friend of Bri's who was in town for the weekend, and Billy is a friend of mine from work! We had a great time, even though it wasn't the sunniest of days! In the pictures ..... Mario, Nic and I running to the water; Me (in the green sweater); Bri, Clayton and Billy by the water.

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e&s said...

sounds like fun--wish I was there! Your house looks way cute too!

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