Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Taking Back Sunday!!!!

Thursday, July 26th was the Taking Back Sunday concert! It was awesome! The only way you could get tickets to the concert was by volunteering, so there were only about 250 people there, which means we were really close to the band! Bri and I were going to try and dress up 'punk' style for the occasion, but realized that we didn't have any clothing with skulls on it, no pink or orange hair color, and the fact that we had showered in the past week meant that there was no way we could pass as 'punk'!! Overall, it was an excellent concert - there was only a few songs that I didn't know. The lead singer was very entertaining and was always swinging the microphone around and stuff. Bri and I were trying to decide how often he hit his band mates! As they were leaving the stage, I shook hands with the main guitarist (the one in red)! I've never touched a famous person before! So it was pretty exciting! Overall.... great night!!

1 comment:

Bri said...

I am still jealous I didn't get to touch anyone famous.

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In Cambodia
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