Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Weekend Fun

Bri and I had a pretty fun weekend! Friday night, we started it off by feeding the Sister Missionaries. They are fun and the 4 of us had a good dinner! After taking met up with Alex and his brother Chris. Alex is in our ward here, and his brother was visiting before moving to DC to start school. We went downtown to VooDoo Doughnut's.... a famous Portland stop, open 24 hours a day! They have everything you can think of! You can get bacon donuts, ones with cereal on them.... whatever you want! I got one with oreo crumbs on it and chocolate and a peanut butter on it! So yummy! After our doughnuts, we rode around on a 'Pedi-Cab' - it was a guy on a bike with 2 rows of seats - it was way fun and a nice way to see Portland at night! We saw everyone who was out clubbing or at bars, and tons of people everywhere waiting for their copy of Harry Potter! There was a light mist all night, which just added to our 'Portland experience' for the night! :)

Saturday, we didn't get to sleep in much cause we went to a pancake breakfast hosted by the Stake in honor of Pioneer Day. After breakfast, we did a little shopping, then went to see Hairspray! It was excellent! The lead girl was amazing - the rest of the cast did an excellent job too! Saturday night, I got invited again to go out to dinner with the Sister Missionaries! Twice in one weekend! There was a group of 6 of us total, and we went to Sweet Tomato! Back to my place and watched some movies and just hung out (minus the Sister's :) )!

Sunday was Church, then we went to a Pioneer Broadcast fireside, which ended up being just a concert by the MoTab, but still very good! They sang a fairly random assortment of songs - my favorite number of the night was 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'.

Good weekend! Now it's back to another week of working!

Pictures: Me and Bri inside VooDoo Doughnuts (top left), Bri and Alex enjoying! (top right), Alex, me and Chris waiting in line for donuts (bottom left), Bri and Alex on our 'bike ride' (bottom right)

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